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We have a student-led sustainability group who help us set our priorities and improve what we do.




  • 0% goes into landfill.
  • 62% is recycled on average each month.
  • 38% is used to generate renewable energy on average each month.
  • Our waste services company is carbon neutral.
  • Letters replaced by email/text to reduce paper use.
  • We recycle all of our old PCs and laptops.
  • We use rechargeable batteries used instead of single use ones.


  • Polystyrene containers removed.
  • Most food is served in compostable containers.
  • Plastic cutlery replaced with wooden.
  • Water fountains installed.
  • Single use plastic cups removed.
  • Students/staff encouraged to use reusable bottles. Everyone was offered a free reusable water bottle made from recyclable plastic in Autumn 2022 (thanks to Nuffield Health who donated these).
  • Meat free Wednesdays.

Renewable energy:

We use solar panels to reduce our reliance on power from the grid.

Using less electricity:

Accordion content

  • Time out motion sensor lighting installed throughout college.
  • LED lighting in the kitchen area.
  • Desktop PCs replaced with energy efficient models timed to switch off outside office hours.
  • Reminders on the back of each classroom door to turn off lights, ACs and projectors.

Using less gas

Heating temperatures are restricted and timed to switch off outside office hours.

Using less water

  • Push taps that switch off automatically fitted in most toilets.
  • Eco flush toilets have been fitted throughout college.


  • 20+ new indoor plants to improve air quality.
  • 23 new trees planted in December 2021.
  • Grass cuttings are mulched to provide nutrients for the soil.
  • The sustainability group are creating a student ‘growing area’.


  • We organise an annual green skills careers fair (and we invite local schools).
  • We share a ‘living more sustainably tip’ each week with staff and students.
  • Sustainability week – a special focus week to raise awareness of sustainability issues in our college community.
  • Sustainability/carbon awareness education delivered through our CORE curriculum.
  • We’re reducing the number of plastic products we buy.
  • We buy products made from recycled or sustainably produced materials where possible.
  • We seek sustainable resources such as stationery and caretaking supplies.
  • We educate staff about their purchasing decisions with supporting policies.
  • We’re installing EV chargers in the carpark.
  • We’re planning to keep bees from spring 2023.
  • We’re working to understand our carbon footprint and taking action to reduce our impact on the world
  • Work collaboratively on sustainability with local schools in partnership with Manchester City Council and with other sixth form colleges across the UK through the Sixth Form Colleges Association.

Students can have their say and input their ideas by joining our Sustainability Google Classroom.