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Qualification Curriculum

We’ve created a bespoke set of A Level and BTEC courses based on local labour market information and our knowledge of the students and community we serve.

We review this on an annual basis and work closely with our partner employers, university partners and local schools to ensure it meets local needs and leads effectively to further study and employment.

The range we offer enables us to enrol students into courses that will suit their skills, prior knowledge and future aspirations, in line with job opportunities in the local area. 

Advice and guidance is a key part of our application process. We know that choosing the right course can be hard and so we give all our applicants support with this through the interview process and our open and taster events. The qualifications students study will be based on their starting points and their future aspirations. 

Coming to Connell is about more than just courses. Our CORE curriculum helps our students leave us with the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to succeed in their next steps. The unique experiences we give them will help them thrive and contribute positively to their community.