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One of our Y13 students, Josh, has received and accepted an offer to study the highly competitive BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science course at UCLAN. 

This is a fantastic achievement as there were over 6,500 applicants for a course that holds around 50 places. 

Josh explains the application process:

“I doubted myself at first, I thought I’d be at a disadvantage as some people already had degrees, and others were much older than me. I was the youngest in my interview group, so I thought that may count against me.

“We all had to complete assessments, and out of the 12 people in my group, only six of us  got offered a full interview after it. It was scary, as they took you into a room and told you one by one what was going to happen next.

“I was the last to be interviewed. This was the part that made me most nervous, as people before me were coming out of the interview room full of nerves, not knowing If they did well or not. Every interview was different.

“I was interviewed by the person who runs the course alongside a service-user, who had used the service for 20+ years. I was asked lots of questions to test my knowledge of the service, its structure and how it put its patients first in all aspects of care. I was asked questions about my personality, background and why I wanted to become a paramedic. 

“It took 16 weeks for them to get back to me and offer me a place. I was overwhelmed as I know how high demand the course is, with only 50 places for thousands of applicants. By far one of my greatest achievements in my life. I doubted myself, but pushed through until the end and was rewarded with a place.”

Great job Josh!