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Charging and Remission Policy for College Activities



Purpose of this policy is to demonstrate that:

Charges are not made for activities that take place during college hours that are mandatory.

Including: -

  • Examination entry fees for the first sitting of public examinations for which registered students are being prepared at the college
  • The provision of books, equipment, materials or transport in relation to any activity that students require as part of their studies.
  • In many subjects it is desirable, or even essential, that learning takes place outside the classroom. If a trip or visit is essential to the course, and by definition all students need to participate, then these trips and visits will be free.

Activities for which charges are made or costs need to be met

  • Certain fees associated with Public Examinations such a resits and remarks at the students request (see later section)
  • Calculators are required for certain academic subjects and students must purchase these as instructed by their teacher
  • Photocopying for Private Use
  • Cost of Damages
  • Lost student ID badges (£5.00 per badge)
  • Lost planner (£5.00)
  • Locker deposit (£5.00)
  • The cost of travelling to and from home when students are on work experience will need to be met by the parent/carer/carers or paid out of the student’s bursary
  • Non-essential trips and visits will be costed as effectively as possible and students will opt-in on a voluntary basis, subject to paying the necessary costs.
  • CITC kit

Any student who is awarded a bursary can make an application for additional help towards these costs by email to  Bursary applications can be made at any point in the year in response to a change in personal financial circumstances.

Students not eligible for a bursary to are struggling to meet these additional costs are directed to seek advice from their progress tutor who will be able to determine if some additional financial support might be made available

Public Examinations - further information

As mentioned above, all normal costs associated with prescribed public examinations are borne by the College. This includes any costs associated with re-marks and re-sits where the College has requested that these take place.

However, if a parent/carer requests a re-mark, re-sit or a copy of an examination script, an amount will be charged to the parent/carer to cover costs. This amount shall correspond to any relevant fee levied to the College by the examining body plus a £5 administration fee for each request.

Private Photocopying

All photocopying costs associated with provision of the curriculum are borne by the College. Private photocopying facilities are available but there will be a charge attached to this. Details of the charges made for this are available in the College office. All students are given an initial free allocation of £10.

Cost of Damages

These include any damages to the fabric of the College premises (such as a broken window) and the defacing, loss or breakage of books or classroom equipment. In such cases, especially where the damage is due to unacceptable behaviour on the part of the student, parent/carer will be asked to pay the cost of repair or replacement. Such charges may be reduced or waived on an individual basis if this is deemed to be appropriate on educational grounds, for example, in certain circumstances where a student has owned up to a misdemeanour.


Responsible Staff

Emma Soper

Policy administrator

Christine Butterfield.

Approving body


All policies are available to stakeholders either on the College website or upon request from the College Office.