Consultation: Connell Co-op College Expansion

We would like to invite you to take part in our formal consultation from Monday 14th June through to Sunday 25th July- Complete our survey by clicking here.

Connell Co-op College is becoming the first choice for many 16-19 year olds living in and around East Manchester. Over the past several years the student body has grown in size and as a result there is a need to expand the capacity of the building to meet the increase in demand for places, as well as to provide more specialised teaching facilities for new and existing courses on offer.

Internal reconfiguration works will be completed this academic year to make more efficient use of the current space. This will allow the college to increase its capacity from 600 to 720. These works are being funded by the college.

In addition to this, The Co-op Academies Trust has worked in partnership with Manchester City Council to design a facility for the new free school (Co-op Academy Belle Vue) to temporarily inhabit until their permanent build on Hyde Road is completed (anticipated September 2022). This facility, which is connected to the existing Connell campus, has the potential to increase the overall capacity of the college from 720 to 1020 once the free school pupils vacate the building.

The Co-op Academies Trust is currently applying for additional capital funding via the Post-16 Capacity Fund to build a further block of classrooms and communal spaces, bringing the overall capacity of the college to 1200. This phase will only go ahead if the application is successful.

We are proposing the following in order to meet the rising demand for places and in order to provide specialist teaching facilities so that we can provide a world-class education for learners in and around East Manchester:

We would like to invite you to take part in our formal consultation from Monday 14th June through to Sunday 25th July via one of the following means:

Complete our survey by clicking here.


We would normally invite local residents and stakeholders to an open event to raise any queries or concerns, however due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to do this at this time. If you would like to arrange a phone call to discuss, please email the address above.

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Connell Co-op College is a good sixth form college.

There is a need for more high quality college places in East Manchester.

Connell Co-op College should expand to provide more high quality places for young people in East Manchester to study.

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