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Student-Parent/Carer Agreement

Connell Co-op College for Academic Year 2023/24

Student-Parent/Carer-College Agreement


1.0 Student Enrolment Agreement

1.1 I certify that the information provided at enrolment is accurate and correct. I have checked my personal details, address and courses.

1.2 I confirm that the country I regard as home (my country of residence) is England.

1.3 I have received advice and guidance at my interview(s) which covered:

a)           The suitability of my learning programme

b)          The career implications

c)           The entry requirements

d)          Any additional support needs

2.0 Student Conduct Commitment:

2.1 I agree to attend on time and contribute professionally to all timetabled lessons. I will

  • attend other sessions/meetings as requested by college staff
  • meet deadlines for academic work
  • give my full commitment to my studies.

2.2 I will communicate any absences or lateness promptly and professionally, taking responsibility to catch up with anything I have missed.

2.3 I understand that my place at college will be at risk if my attendance falls below 92%.

2.4 If I am struggling with my academic progress or health and well-being, I will inform the College and seek help. When I am offered support, I will accept it.

2.5 I agree to act according to the College’s expectations, the ‘ways of being’ and to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times including

  • My conduct towards staff
  • My conduct towards members of the college and members of the public
  • My conduct on the college premises
  • My adherence to the college dress code
  • My use of technology including email, mobile phones and social media

You should dress in a way that is appropriate for your study programme. Clothing that is see-through or does not cover your body appropriately is not permitted even during hot weather. No offensive slogans or wording are to be worn.  When in a classroom all hats and coats should be removed. Head coverings for religious or Cultural reasons are permitted. A durag or hat may be permitted for a one off day/short period of time at the discretion of College staff.

2.6 I will abide my the security arrangements at the College ensuring that

  • I always wear my College ID Lanyard visibly whenever in the building
  • I never allow a member of the public to enter the college premises - I understand that all visitors must have an appointment and signed in at reception

2.7 I understand that the College is a no vaping and no smoking site (inside and outside)

2.8 I will never bring into the college premises items which are illegal or that could harm or cause distress to others. I understand that doing so will put my place at the college at risk

3.0 Student Responsibility

3.1 I confirm that I will read all the information contained within the Student Handbook and I agree to fully abide by the policies and procedures contained within. I understand the Student Handbook will be subject to regular updates and it is my responsibility to ensure that I have read and understood any changes as directed by the College.

3.2 I understand that failure to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook will put my place at Connell Co-op College at risk.

3.3 I understand that I am responsible for abiding by the college’s classroom expectations without being reminded by staff

3.4 I understand the expectations of the college with regards to independent study. I will commit to completing 15 hours of independent study each week in accordance with the 50:50 rule. I will plan and record how I use this time in my Core planner

4.0 Use of Technology and Social Media  - The Acceptable Use Agreement

  • Images

4.1 I will not take any videos or still images of members of the college or assist others to do so without consent

4.2 I will not record any videos or still images on the college premises unless instructed to do so as part of my learning

4.3 I understand that any activities of this nature will lead to disciplinary procedures and may lead to exclusion from the college.

  • Acceptable Use of IT Policy Agreement

4.2 I understand that I must use College IT systems in a responsible way, to ensure that there is no risk to my safety or to the safety and security of the IT systems and other users.

For my own personal safety:

  • I understand that the College will monitor my use of the IT systems, email and other digital communications.
  • I will treat my username and password like my toothbrush – I will not share it, nor will I try to use any other person’s username and password.
  • I will be aware of “stranger danger”, when I am communicating on-line.
  • I will not disclose or share personal information about myself or others when on-line.
  • If I arrange to meet people off-line that I have communicated with on-line, I will do so in a public place and take an adult with me.
  • I will immediately report any unpleasant or inappropriate material or messages or anything that makes me feel uncomfortable when I see it on-line.  

4.3 I understand that everyone has equal rights to use technology as a resource and:

  • I understand that the College IT systems are primarily intended for educational use and that I will not use the systems for personal or recreational use unless I have permission to do so.
  • I will not try (unless I have permission from the IT Network Manager) to make large downloads or uploads that might take up internet capacity and prevent other users from being able to carry out their work.
  • I will not use the College IT systems for on-line gaming, and or on-line gambling, internet shopping, Proxy Avoidance, file sharing, or video broadcasting (e.g. YouTube), unless I have permission of a member of staff to do so.

4.4 I will act with respect and trust.

  • I will respect others’ work and property and will not access, copy, remove or otherwise alter any other user’s files, without the owner’s knowledge and permission.
  • I will be polite and responsible when I communicate with others, I will not use strong, aggressive or inappropriate language and I appreciate that others may have different opinions.

4.5 I recognise that the College has a responsibility to maintain the security and integrity of the technology it offers me and to ensure the smooth running of the College:

  • I will only use my personal hand held / external devices (mobile phones / USB devices etc) in College if I have permission. I understand that, if I do use my own devices in College, I will follow the rules set out in this agreement, in the same way as if I was using College equipment.
  • I understand the risks and will not try to upload, download or access any materials which are illegal or inappropriate or may cause harm or distress to others, nor will I try to use any programmes or software that might allow me to bypass the filtering / security systems in place to prevent access to such materials.
  • I will immediately report any damage or faults involving equipment or software, however this may have happened.
  • I will not open any attachments to emails, unless I know and trust the person / organisation who sent the email, due to the risk of the attachment containing viruses or other harmful programmes.
  • I will not install or attempt to install programmes of any type on a machine, or store programmes on a computer, nor will I try to alter computer settings.
  • I will only use chat and social networking sites outside lesson and study periods.

4.6 When using the internet for research or recreation, I recognise that:

  • I should ensure that I have permission to use the original work of others in my own work.
  • Where work is protected by copyright, I will not try to download copies (including music and videos).
  • When I am using the internet to find information, I should take care to check that the information that I access is accurate, as I understand that the work of others may not be truthful and may be a deliberate attempt to mislead me.
  • I will follow the guidelines set out in my course handbook about the use of AI as part of my studies and within any pieces of work that I produce. I understand that failure to do so may lead to disqualification from my course and the loss of my place at the college.

4.7 I understand that I am responsible for my actions, both in and out of College:

  • I understand that the College also has the right to take action against me if I am involved in incidents of inappropriate behaviour, that are covered in this agreement, when I am out of College and where they involve my membership of the College community (examples would be cyber-bullying, use of images or personal information).
  • I understand that if I fail to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy Agreement, I will be subject to disciplinary action.  This may include contact with parents/carers, loss of access to the College network / internet, suspension or in extreme cases permanent exclusion from the college and, in the event of illegal activities, involvement of the police.
  • Social Media Expectations

4.8 At Connell Co-op College, we respect people's identity and do not tolerate discriminatory behaviour and derogatory language whether in public spheres or seemingly private spheres including the following types of discriminatory behaviour:  Sexual orientation, Religious Discrimination, National Origin, Sexual Harassment.  Students who engage in such behaviour risk their place in the College.

Expectations of student are as follows:

  • Social media video posts - students are not permitted to record staff / students / school life on their phones within the College site and post this on any form of social media whether public or private. Students will risk their place in the College should they do so.
  • Abusive social media texts and images - any abusive or discriminatory content in any form of social media risks students losing their place in the sixth form. This includes private social media posts which then become public.
  • Bringing the College into disrepute - behaviour outside College that potentially damages the reputation of the College may result in a student losing their place in the College. This includes private social media posts which subsequently become public.
  • Reporting and supporting investigations - students are expected to report inappropriate conduct by others that presents a risk of harm to the reputation or wellbeing of themselves or another and to support the College with any investigations by showing an investigating member of staff social media posts as requested.

Student Social Media Declaration I have read and understand social media expectations above. I agree to abide by them. I understand that failure to do so will put my place at Connell Co-op College at risk.

5.0 Declaration for consent to contact Parents/Carer

I understand that the College will continue to share data information with my Parents/Carers whilst I am enrolled at the College unless I inform them otherwise

I understand it is my responsibility to email and inform them that I do not wish any data to be shared with my Parents/Carer.

[To be signed by the STUDENT electronically by Google Form as part of the enrolment process.]


6.0 I understand that I will be able to monitor my child’s academic progress, attendance and conduct on a daily basis through Arbor. I understand that although I will be notified at regular intervals about my child’s attendance, punctuality, progress and conduct, it is my responsibility to regularly check this in Arbor.  

6.2 I will inform the College if any of my personal contact information changes.

6.3 I give my consent for my child to access youtube while on the College site or when using a college device offsite

6.4 I understand my child needs to attend and contribute to all timetabled lessons, attend other sessions requested by staff including during ‘free periods’ if necessary, meet work deadlines and give full commitment to their studies. I will work with the College when this is not the case.

6.5 Unlike a school, I understand that my child is able to notify the college of an absence themselves and that this is encouraged as part of being a professional

6.6 My child will abide by the standards set out in college policies including the  Professional Conduct Policy and the Support & Challenge Policy

6.7 I understand if I have any concerns about my child’s progress or wellbeing , I should contact

6.8 I give my consent that my child may attend any non residential organised day-time trip unless I inform the college otherwise.These typically include visits to local universities, museums or other public spaces. The College will always notify parents of visits in advance so that you can withdraw consent if required.

If you wish your child to opt out of an organised college trip, you must inform at least 48 hours before the trip commences.

[To be signed electronically by a PARENT/CARER using a Google Form sent via email following enrolment/start of the academic year.]


6.0 College Commitment to Students: 

6.1 Connell Co-op College will support the achievement of your learning goals with high quality tuition and guidance to ensure you leave the College ready for your Next Steps as a ‘work ready co-operator’.

6.2 Connell Co-op College will provide a safe working and learning environment where all members of the College community can thrive and feel valued and respected.

6.3 The College will notify the designated parent/carer of any concerns we have about your progress or wellbeing through the contact details you have provided and by regular updates to the Arbor system

6.4 The College will ensure that when a student needs additional support through external services, families are given the necessary contact details and advice to help them access the help they need

6.5 The College is committed to responding swiftly to any concerns or complaints. You can do this in person to any member of staff you feel able to approach or via email to 

For further information on our policies, including our complaints procedure, please visit our website.

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