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Curriculum Statement

When a student comes to Connell, it’s about more than just studying a course.

It’s our job to prepare them for the future – whatever it might hold. We know we are preparing students to enter a truly challenging economy and a rapidly changing modern world. Many of them will go into jobs that perhaps don’t even exist yet!

And so, when we think about curriculum, we think about everything our young people need, not just to succeed but to THRIVE and to make a positive difference to the communities in which they’ll live.

Our students can choose to study A Levels, BTECs or a mix of both qualification types. We’ll help them choose based on their starting points, the way they like to learn and their future career plans. Making the right choices at this stage is key to accessing their chosen career pathway.

Students need more than just qualifications to succeed. Our carefully designed CORE curriculum will help them develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to excel in the world. We cover everything from staying safe to applying for university/apprenticeships. We also teach them to be effective independent learners.

What makes our college unique is the range of high quality experiences that our students have during their time with us. Visits to employers, universities and trips to places of interest linked to their course are regular occurrences. We also encourage everyone to take part in volunteering and work experience as well as a wide range of additional opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and our enrichment classes.

Our Ways of Being ground our approach to life, to work and each other. And through our Co-operative Values – equality, equity, solidarity, democracy, self-help and self-responsibility – we frame our academic curriculum and work to build skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable our students to succeed at Level 3 and in their future lives.

We are very privileged to serve the young people of Manchester and we work collaboratively and cooperatively to give them the very best. The students who leave Connell will be work-ready cooperators.

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