Key safety information

Staying safe’ and ‘asking for help when you need it’ are key parts of our CORE curriculum. Our co-operative values include self-help and self-responsibility and we encourage our students to develop these skills as they become adults. 

All the big topics that you may worry about like bullying, sexual health, radicalisation, online safety etc are covered sensitively and professionally during our two year CORE curriculum. We don’t just talk about these things once, we do it regularly and in particular we remind students about key safety messages as we approach the holidays. Most importantly, we regularly talk about where to get help – at college and out of hours. Students have access to a long list of helplines and sources of information through their student website. 

Below is a list of key references you may find helpful if you’re worried about something. But we also encourage you to get in touch if you have a concern – via email to:  

Online Safety

All of our staff in our student services team are trained in mental health first aid. We also have the services of a counsellor employed by 42nd Street (a Greater Manchester young people’s mental health charity).

Students can self-refer if they need mental health support by going to the Student Services desk in The Hive or by completing a form. Priority to see the counsellor will be based on student need.

The following links provide information about being safe online:

Mental Health Support

The following links provide information and support about mental health:

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