Our Sustainability Pledges

What we do now


  • 0% goes into landfill.
  • 62% is recycled on average each month.
  • 38% is used to generate renewable energy on average each month.
  • Our waste services company is carbon neutral.
  • Letters replaced by email/text to reduce paper use.


  • Polystyrene containers removed.
  • Most food is served in compostable containers.
  • Water fountains installed.
  • Single use plastic cups removed.
  • Students/staff encouraged to use reusable bottles.

Renewable energy:

  • We use solar panels to reduce our reliance on power from the grid.

Using less electricity:

  • Time out motion sensor lighting installed throughout college.
  • LED lighting in the kitchen area.
  • Desktop PCs replaced with energy efficient models timed to switch off outside office hours.

Using less gas:

  • Heating temperatures are restricted and timed to switch off outside office hours.

Using less water:

  • Push taps that switch off automatically fitted in most toilets.
  • Eco flush toilets have been fitted throughout college.


  • 20+ new indoor plants to improve air quality.
  • 23 new trees planted in December.
  • Grass cuttings are mulched to provide nutrients for the soil.

What we’re doing by Summer 2022

  • Rechargeable batteries to replace single use batteries.
  • Replacing plastic cutlery with compostable wooden alternatives.
  • Set up a Sustainability Action Group involving staff and students.
  • New picnic benches made from recycled plastic.
  • Create a growing patch for students and the local community to help promote healthy living and sustainable choices.
  • Champion National Walk to School Week 16-20 May.
  • Host a sustainability conference, Bee Green, Thursday 30 June.

What we’re doing beyond 2022

  • Reduce the number of plastic products we buy.
  • Buy products made from recycled or sustainably produced materials when possible.
  • Seek sustainable resources such as stationery and caretaking supplies.
  • Educate staff about their purchasing decisions with supporting policies.
  • Installing EV chargers in the carpark.

Your ideas

Students can have their say and input their ideas by joining our Sustainability Google Classroom.