Mathematics is the most popular A-level studied nationally. This course is ideal for students who enjoyed Mathematics at School, and want to take their studies further. This is an ancient subject, with an ever increasing relevance in our modern world. Mathematics is central to understanding our changing climate, predicting and mitigating the spread of diseases, and ensuring security of online trade.

As a core subject in the UK national curriculum you will have experience of the many different topics and skills that studying Mathematics comprises. What is your favourite part of Mathematics?

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Entry Requirements:

5 GCSEs Grade 4-9 (including grade 4 in English Language) and Grade 7 in Maths




2 Years

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What you'll study

Mathematics is considered a difficult but important subject. Part of why this subject is so highly regarded is the hard work required, and skills in resilience that are developed, in mastering it.

On the pure side, a large part of A-level Mathematics is Algebra. You will extend your knowledge from GCSE of all kinds of equations and algebraic expressions. You will learn a powerful new tool called Calculus to not only solve problems, but solve problems in the optimal, or best possible, way.

On the applied side you will learn Mechanics, which deals with forces and the equations which govern motion. This underpins Mechanical Engineering and Physics.

You will also learn about Statistics, developing an understanding of risk, and drawing conclusions from data. Statistics is used in Finance, and all areas of Business.

Beyond the course

Maths is one of the best subjects to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills.

Studying Maths will help give you the knowledge and language to understand Science, Engineering, coding and abstract problems. You also develop skills in logical thinking, including proof and recognising incorrect reasoning.

In previous years our students have benefited from talking to guest speakers from industry, a trip to PwC in Manchester and problem-solving sessions at the University of Manchester.


The A-level Mathematics course is a linear course and as such is assessed at the end of a 2-year course of study. There are 3 examinations: the first two are on pure mathematics topics, and the third combines the applied topics, statistics and mechanics.

Future Career Opportunities

Mathematics is highly regarded by employers and universities. By choosing Mathematics you will develop a sought-after skill set that will enable you to go on to do whatever you want.

Some courses that students studying A-level Mathematics could go on to do include Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Medicine, Accountancy and Actuarial Sciences.

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