Environmental Science

A Level

Environmental Science

The UK will be a Carbon Neutral Economy by 2050. Every part of society from now until then will have to employ environmental workers both directly and indirectly to reduce their carbon output. A level Environmental Science provides a pathway into such employment.

This contemporary qualification has never been more relevant and develops key skills including communication, teamwork and critical thinking.

Course at a glance

Entry Requirements:

5 GCSEs Grade 4-9 (including English Language, Maths and Grade 5 in two GCSE sciences or 5/5 in double award science).




2 Years

More about this course

What you'll study

The topics you’ll study include; the living environment, energy resources, pollution, and sustainability.

You’ll develop scientific skills related to the methodologies and sampling techniques that students through first-hand experience, and skills related to research methods will be gained through class-based and practical activities.

Beyond the course

Students studying environmental science will develop links with industry and public organisations that provide work experience to students studying Environmental Science. For example, the Co-op have a team that currently works to reduce the amount of waste and impact that the corporation has on the environment. They will offer you opportunities to appreciate directly how the Environmental Science pathway can lead to employment.


Students will learn both theoretical knowledge about how to manage the environment but also have practical scientific skills that allow the environment to be studied through investigation. At the end of the course you will sit two written papers which contribute to your overall grade.

Future career opportunities

The number of employment opportunities is growing rapidly both in Manchester and across the country. Environmental jobs range from entry level positions to full consultant levels and the numbers are only increasing given the growing importance of the subject.

Environmental Science will provide you with a whole range of practical and investigational skills which aid the study of other subjects. It compliments many of the other courses offered at Connell and can open up numerous study programmes and career opportunities for your future.

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