Every aspect of your life is affected by economics, from the price of the milk you put on your cereal in the morning to the stories you see on the news in the evening...

Course at a glance

Entry Requirements:

5 GCSEs Grade 4-9 (including English Language) and a Grade 6 in GCSE Maths




2 Years

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What you'll study

You’ll study two aspects of economics. Macroeconomics looks at the “big” picture (unemployment and inflation, for example) while microeconomics considers the markets for specific goods or services and how well these markets work. You also study how businesses operate and global economics.

There are four themes throughout the two years of study:

  1. Introduction to markets and market failure
  2. The UK economy – performance and policies
  3. Business behaviour and the labour market
  4. A global perspective

In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, studying economics helps you make sense of it all.

Beyond the course

Students attend talks by a number of business leaders, economists and financial institutions such as the Bank of England.


This is a linear qualification which means you’ll take three exams covering all of the topics covered at the end of the second year:

  • Markets and business behaviour
  • The national and global economy
  • Microeconomics and macroeconomics
Future career opportunities

There are many! Economists run or have senior posts in business and some have a major role in running the country. It is seen as a rigorous academic subject and is highly valued by universities and a wide range of employers.

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